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This is a proper head-turner.

I've never been tempted by the 500 series but these combo units are really forcing me to pay attention.

I have a few questions if that's ok, although they're a bit more rudimentary than the others

First off though, if you could include some zoomable hi-res images on your site so I/we can read the type on the faceplate properly, that would be cool

1. Are these (500R8) really going to go for a little over a Grand? I appreciate that you won't confirm pricing until closer to launch date, but seems to me that if the converters and clock are at the spec you say (which I am happy to accept), even without the 500 module capability this is good value.
Which brings me to:

2. What's the latest you envision being able to ship the R8?

3. With the USB interface, there's 28 in and 30 out, plus 16 adat in/out?
How can that in/out be configured?
If I had a standalone 8 channel ADAT A/D unit for example, could I have that going into the R8 adat in, then route those channels directly to the 500 modules before it hits the daw, or would they be routed into the daw then I'd need to send them out again to the modules via USB?
I'm assuming it's the former otherwise you wouldn't need so many USB in channels?
With the ADAT only version, the website states 16 channels also, but doesn't specify if it's 8 in/out or 16 in/out.
I can see there are two ports each for in and out, but are the second ones there just for S/MUX?

4. I've got fam in Herts - if I drop by on launch day with cake, can I get a discount?

Urgh, too many questions!

Thanks for answering any of them