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Here for the gear
Thanks for the compliments. I remember seeing this the other day.
I have a printout if the manual. The 8111 module also says that it pulls from the multi pin connector. This is getting confusing lol.
I really love the ramsa though. It has been a great board.

I got the board from a friend of mine that deals in vintage gear. He got it from a church. That church got it from a church and so forth. I believe it had been donated to three or four different churches since the eighties. Needless to say it’s got a little Jesus in it.
After I got the board I was looking for the manual like the thread starter. I scoured the Internet and forums and found nothing. I ended up calling Panasonic. They had hardly heard of this thing and a guy called me back a few days later who had been with the company forever. I ended up paying shipping for them to print a new manual for me. It was still warm when I got it delivered. So I thought it was cool that you found a digital copy. I saved it a few days ago. This thread rocks!