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I’m diggin the Thump on drums and the Cream on pretty much everything else.

About how far is the mojo dial turned on those SoundCloud samples? What happens when you really push it? Does it start to break up or?

What did you guys decide on for frequency and slope for the HPF?
Hey Brent,

Glad to hear you're liking the Mojo!

On the examples it varies slightly - I didn't note the positions on the soundcloud descriptions at this stage because our prototype unit (the one used for the demos) has a slightly different range than the final version and the numbers wouldn't translate.

To be honest, Thump sounds clean and unbreakable at full-whack. Cream is a little-less predictable! There is a bit of extra 'crunchiness' that comes when Cream is cranked but it is still very very usable. As with both styles, the results vary so much depending on the incoming audio!

If you would like, you can send me a few audio files using this webpage,I can then send your audio through the Mojo and send them back for you to hear how it would sound on your stems? I'll do one at Max for you too so you can hear what it can do!

We settled on 12dB Per/Oct @ 80Hz for the HPF, but with a slightly custom slope... we'll have some graphs for you soon! it basically sounds very natural and is usable on a wider variety of sources. The HPF is also after the Mojo on the signal chain so using the two controls in conjunction is great for things like vocals; to get that nice warm low-mid body to the vocal without accentuating the lows that you wouldn't typically need.

We looked into a 3-way switch for HPF but we couldn't fit everything required on the board without compromising performance elsewhere - I think you'll like what we settled on.

Hope that helps!