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Great timing as I was just wondering when we’d hear an update on those products. Really psyched for both the Camden and the R8/ADAT.

Can you tell us anything about the additions to (and subtraction from) the rack units you alluded to?
Hi TimS,

We're still working through a few of the additions... as Sean says, we still have a little bit of work to do before we can verify that they are staying... but I will say that the new features include a new module source option as well as a vast improvement to our CAST system to make it much more exciting and useful to everybody.

There's also been a lot of changes to the look of the thing! Our graphic designer has been having a good time. It's like a piece of art, sometimes we don't know when to stop.

The only thing that we decided to remove were the SPDIF connections. We took this off as not a single person we asked thought it was useful! Other than that everything is up-to-spec, or - more often than not - better than spec.

Hope this helps!

Sorry I'm being vague at this stage! But we don't want to promise something without being 100% we can make it happen.

All the best,