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I'm not for simply sounding like the next guy, and sounding conventional, although that has its uses, and it works. But this plugin is a sound designer's dream. Is it a toy? It certainly can be, because you can have fun with it. But it can also be a tool, and a very powerful, flexible one at that. Some guitarists may not like it, but others will love it, because this thing can create some sounds/tones that you simply won't hear anywhere else. It defines uniqueness!

BlueCat, I think you guys should do some demos/vids that focus on recreating or highlighting authentic guitar sounds and tones, for the purists. Guitar purists tend to be a bit snobby and picky (no pun intended). Basically showcase Axiom's creative side, as well as its role as a more traditional, conventional amp/cab sim. Some traditional sounding presets will surely help.

But thank you for this, and I'll be buying it soon.