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Sounds pretty good!

This is certainly the most flexible guitar amp plugin out there. For better or for worse...sometimes too many options is a bad thing.

The GUI leaves much to be desired compared to the competition. But, I may be able to live with it because...

The best thing I can say about it is there's little to no "digital fizz" that plagues most other amp sims. And the sonics do sound "dynamic" or reactive, whatever you want to call it. It perhaps sounds too good/synthetic, if that makes sense. Reminds me of Waves GTR3 but better.

For in your face sounds I have to do some extra processing. High gain heavy metal tones doesn't seem to be Axiom's forte but cleans and overdrive sounds great!

Overall, nice job Bluecat!

"dynamic"is debatable he's took something that has no memory and forced memory into it and the reason there is no digital "fizz"is because this is basically just an oversampled waveshaper.perhaps you are convinced this sounds and expresses like an amp,but i aint (and i take it the guy above you isn't convinced either)perhaps it being a "joke"is a little harsh,but selling this as an alternative to an amp sim is pushing the boat out a little too beyond the shore IMHO this doesn't sound remotely like an amp to me and using comb filters and Bi-quad EQ is not a replacement for a cab or a cab sim either.i don't like amp sims either though so....

There's also a much cheaper option if you are looking for a dynamic waveshaper and find it sufficient at supplying guitar like expression, by Audio Thing called "Wavebox", it doesn't bracket you into only doing simplistic non-linear clipping curves with asymmetry either (it can do wavefolding and the like)

That being said,i think Late Replies is easily the best delay plugin ever conceived along with Melda's MXXX(before those i had to concoct delay feedback loops in Reaktor or the super primitive Senderella method limited to my ASIO drivers buffer size.....) but considering i already own it and i'm not fond of Destructor,i'm guessing Axiom makes no sense for me as a purchase?

After having 2 decades worth of waveshaper/transfer curve based plugins i guess i am just very allergic to the sound of them and their response.sticking an envelope follower onto them(no matter how responsive it is) and making the curve somewhat dynamic does not prevent it from sounding or behaving any less like one

Just my 2p