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We've been busy finalising the Camden 500 for production but the 500R8 and 500ADAT has also been getting worked on and improved before we finalise for production and order material.

We've listened to feedback we received and tweaked the feature-set a bit. There's only been one subtraction but loads of additions... And all things that will make a BIG difference to workflow without making a big difference in price.

All the converters that we detailed in the original NAMM thread on Gearslutz are all final - so we have 121dB signal-to-noise ratio on the A/D converters and 127dB signal-to-noise ratio on the D/A converters. We've also positively achieved 0.5 picosecond of jitter on our source clock... which we're pretty damn proud of as that is a reference-quality clock on a product that sells for just over £1000!

As for availability updates, we haven't yet finalised all the bits but we hope to do so soon. We'll have another update in May which should give you guys production timing and availability. But - for sure - it will be in stores before the end of the summer.

If any of you guys have any questions about any of the products, feel free to ask!

Cheers from the Cranborne team!

Dear Sean,
The product seems really interesting indeed..!!
I have few questions..

1. What is the definitive feature list of the R8?
2. It's an external power supply you're using, how it's regulated? any specs? how much pwr could provide per rail?
3. which converters are you using? instead of signal-to-noise would be great to see the dynamic range specs (although this doesn't tell all the story of course). Power supply, clock and analog stages have a tremendous impact on the sound of converters. Is the clock a new one? If these 3 important parts are well made, there are good chances you have a good sounding unit.
4. Who makes (code) your usb drivers?
5. Is there a master fader/pot, can be rerouted to slot 7 and 8 or should be patched with cables into the channel inputs/inserts?
6. do you have real pics? or gut pics of your stuff?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,