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Old 19th April 2018
Lives for gear
Total necro, but waves SSL bus on sale for 29 today (all plugs actually, just over 90 in cart for full SSL collection, cheapest ever and individual licenses.. although i don't see point in buying the G EQ as it's just the G channel without dynamics)..

Thought it would interest some of you...

I did my own SSL shootout the other day and the UAD killed everything for me.. glue (good) NI (was my least favourite, just awful), PSP Buss comp (decent), IK(decent), Duende

I don't have the waves and can no longer even demo it unfortunately, waves are so tight with demo time these days.. they are only 7 days, why don't they allow each account to demo once per year is my take..

Anyway, for 29 i am just going to buy it. And since my UAD SSL channel is modelling the E, I will buy the Waves G channel.. why not at those prices.. also don't forget to use code YNY23 at checkout for further discount, works on everything.

Anyway I was just curious about other shootouts so a google led me to this thread...I never used the first rev of the UAD, only the updated one with HP filter and wet/dry.. and it's my favourite bus compressor ever.. I just wish i could compose and mix into it as i go, but way too much latency sadly to play Vi's with live, or monitor..

That said, it CAN be on the master bus and put into live mode, where the latency turns to only 55 samples, almost bearable, BUT, the cpu for me goes from 0 to 20% (my buffer is at 128 with apollo TBolt).

Just amazes me how good it sounds.. I decided my work around from now on will be to use the PSP Bus compressor as it's true zero latency to mix into on the master buss and replace it and see if i can get a better result with UAD once all the live composing is done. Or I could buss every channel in PT to a buss with the UAD on it, and have the live channels going directly tp master so still low latency, and send them to same buss only after recording. That would work actually. Why didn't I think of that before LOL.

Trust me the UAD rev2 SSL G buss is incredible....truly.

For some alternatives not talked about too much, try vertigo from plugin alliance.. it's an emu of a clone afaik and it's a very decent plugin, zero latency also.

Also, the PSP as mentioned.

Arousor is also very convincing, it quite arouses me lol.. also zero latency. Arousor has a lot of control so it's not as set as forget as the others, has nothing to do with SSL, but it can do almost any compression task.. well.. it CAN do any.. works in all scenarios.