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Updates on Cranborne Audio Camden 500, 500R8, 500ADAT - Test Drive Mojo!

Hello all!

Just wanted to give you guys some updatse on our side as a lot of you were really interested in the products we announced at NAMM.

Camden 500

First bit of news - we have finalised Camden 500 and JUST ordered material for production of Camden 500. We're on-track to get units shipped our to retailers by end of June. The Camden 500 has turned out to be quite a thing. It seriously needs to be heard to be believed... We have trouble explaining what it is as "mic pre" doesn't really tell the story. We’ve settled on Preamp and Analogue Signal Processor.

So yeah - first and foremost, Camden is a mic, line, and instrument preamp. It has extremely low-noise and ultra-low distortion at all gain settings (typ. <0.0005% THD) and is both frequency and phase-linear. It provides a punchy, powerful but linear sound that offers a perfectly neutral palette to apply analogue and digital processing. I've gotten some of the best acoustic guitar and drum recordings I've ever achieved with it.

But the Camden also has our analogue saturation circuit - Mojo - which has absolutely blown away our expectations. We’ve worked extensively these last few months on finalising "Mojo" and ensuring it has that "vibe" that transformer/vintage mic pres have. And - WOW - it really needs to be heard to be believed... Mojo has two new modes - “Thump” and “Cream”.
“Thump” is the operative word as this saturation mode introduces low-harmonics that don’t get flabby or overwhelming with nice upper harmonics - it sounds amazing on drums, bass, vocals, synths, guitars, stereo mixes; anything you put through it will get a thicker, more present sound but with tight and accurate transients

“Cream” is a complex saturation mode that adds a wide range of harmonics and changes dramatically based on the source. But the overarching result with “Cream” is groovy, gooey, valve-y sound with a real feel. It gives instant vibe - but with British subtlety.
We’ve been blown away at our recent results with artists and producers we’ve been working with during testing. We’ve run every source through a Camden - drums, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, keys, synths, stereo mixes - and the Mojo totally transforms everything - using “Thump”, “Cream” or using both with reamping techniques produces amazing results on pretty much any source.

Again - it really needs to be heard to be believed. So that's what we want to do! We’d like to extend an opportunity for anyone to “test drive” the MOJO circuit by submitting a track or source they’d like to hear through a Camden and it’s Mojo circuit.

Test Drive Mojo

Follow the above link, fill out the form, and upload a 30 second, WAV/AIFF (24-bit, 44.1/48kHz) audio file of any instrument, bus, mix or any source material mono or stereo, and we’ll send you back the track after being reamped into a Camden with Mojo engaged and dialed to taste - with no additional processing of course.

We want you guys to hear for yourself rather than taking our word for it!


We've been busy finalising the Camden 500 for production but the 500R8 and 500ADAT has also been getting worked on and improved before we finalise for production and order material.

We've listened to feedback we received and tweaked the feature-set a bit. There's only been one subtraction but loads of additions... And all things that will make a BIG difference to workflow without making a big difference in price.

All the converters that we detailed in the original NAMM thread on Gearslutz are all final - so we have 121dB signal-to-noise ratio on the A/D converters and 127dB signal-to-noise ratio on the D/A converters. We've also positively achieved 0.5 picosecond of jitter on our source clock... which we're pretty damn proud of as that is a reference-quality clock on a product that sells for just over £1000!

As for availability updates, we haven't yet finalised all the bits but we hope to do so soon. We'll have another update in May which should give you guys production timing and availability. But - for sure - it will be in stores before the end of the summer.

If any of you guys have any questions about any of the products, feel free to ask!

I hope some of you guys send us some sources to "Test Drive" our Mojo. I can't wait to hear what you guys think... Normally opening something that is purely down to taste is dangerous but everyone who has heard Mojo has been blown away... So we hope/think it will be the same with you guys! We shall see!

Cheers from the Cranborne team!