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That said, we would still like the plug-in to work within your project, for instance if you go on a short trip on the road, not bringing the hardware.

So. You can detach the hardware for a full two weeks before it affects the functionality of the plugin.
After two weeks without seeing the hardware, the 2290 plugin will go into a “processing only” mode, disabling automation, preset changes and UI, until once again connected to the hardware.
I can't wait for a plugin and a HW.

While other people opinion is also important and by now we already know there are people which don't like plugin tied to some HW controller mind you - this is thread about TC delay WITH hardware controller.

I like concept of two weeks without hardware plus it will still work even after that period you just won't be able to tweak it (that's how i understand it).

With that being said i have another purely hypothetical question for TC (i will use hardware controller anyway).

If you are able to tweak it in that two weeks period without TC hardware, and not tweak it after two weeks pass. Does that mean that within these two weeks you can actually tweak plugin and plugin indeed have all controls on the UI?

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