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If you read the original post, you would see that I do all three, and am not using them interchangeably.

It's just that you can master ITB with plugins, so I figured you can also do this with a digital mixer since they're not too different. If I was to go with analog outboard gear for mastering, I figured an analog console was a logical addition to this because the signal path could be kept analog for longer, which I thought could yield a better result. And in reality it probably does.

What it sounds like though, is the best answer for someone like me is "None of the above". Go without a console, but still get outboard gear like an MBP maybe. So master in analog/hybrid but remain ITB for everything else.
You want precision for mastering... Analog boards are only gonna be worst and cost more. Digital is more precise... Some mastering analog gear for color is nice to have as an option... But you dont want the center of your workflow around it.