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[QUOTE=mickglossop;1322466]Hi Mark - thanks for the complements!

The rest of the album was recorded, beleieve it or not, onto a Telefunken 32 track, 2 inch analogue machine (!) at The Townhouse. This machine was around only for a short time, being somewhat non-standard. The quality was not as good as 24 track (obviously) both in distortion and noise levels, but also the inter-track crosstalk was not great. The Townhouse console was custom-designed (by msyself) and built by Helios. It's now somewhere in New Jersey, USA.

Hello Mick,
Joe DeMaio here from Shorefire Recording in NJ, I now have the Townhouse console. I was curious as to what your involvement was in the design of the desk.
I'm also intersted in knowing what other notable records were made on the console. If you have any insight that would be great.