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Old 17th April 2018
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Forgive me here - I'm pretty new with logic.

So I just got the x-touch and an extender and overall it's very nice :-)

However I think I need to customize the setup with logic as there's a few annoyances:

1) Took me about half an hour to realize that I had to hit the EQ twice to bring up all the parameters
2) Apple have decided that you need an 8 band eq (incl low/high cut) with 4 parameters (incl on/off) for each band. Hence you would need 32 knobs to control the entire EQ for a single channel strip. I have to lean over, read the small scribble, perhaps flip to the next "page" before I can do any adjustments

I'm more after a one parameter = one knob solution...

Is there anyway I can customize the setup? I'm thinking something like on an analogue mixer:
1) HiPass gain (e.g. at 40 Hz)
2) Low shelf frequency
3) Low shelf gain
4) LMid freguency
5) LMid gain
6) HMid frequency
7) HMid gain
8) High shelf frequency
9) High shelf gain

or alternatively exchange HMid frequency and gain for a Q control on the Mid band?

I have tried reading in the logic control surface bible, but I'm still a bit lost.