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I still think think I’m confused. Initially you said “mastering”. Now you’re talking Live, faders, mixing?

PS I think the Avid Eucon stuff works with Live - try a 2nd hand Avid Mix? They’re not that expensive..
I do all three, the idea is I wanted to switch most things out of the box, IE mixing with an analog console, stems, and mastering outboard gear like an MBP. I was more or less curious if keeping an analog signal path when doing the mixing, and mastering, would help with the final quality/workflow. The question I guess could really have been "Should I mix/master ITB or not, or a hybrid setup." The console was at the time, a logical addition to this if I was to master outside the computer, because I could keep the signal path analog for longer with mixing too and route into the outboard gear.

If you can master ITB, I figured maybe a digital console would be able to do this as well.

Wasn't sure what the best route was for someone who does all three, but I think I agree with what you were saying. It would be pointless to invest in a console. It would be much more effective to improve the acoustics and monitoring, and maybe get an Apollo 16 (interface improvement + preamp emulations) and an MBP etc.

Aside from this, since it's not worth an analog console in addition to the external processing gear when mastering in analog, I was still kinda getting used to the idea of the additional benefit of having physical faders with either route.
I realized that if I really wanted that added benefit still, I could just get a DAW controller. Hopefully that's less confusing, my bad.