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Why do you want a console for mastering?

And putting a $5k+ processor in the centre of your system then slumping on monitoring is putting cart before horse - how will you get the best use out of it if you can’t hear what you’re doing?

Serious mastering studios put $$$$s into the build before the final surface treatment, and then another $20k into the monitoring. Or more.

Now of course you can’t do that, but that’s the level of design a studio spending 5k on a single EQ has done. I can’t soeak for anyone specifically, but I’d hope most would rather work ITB with the best room/monitoring possible than have some nice outboard and sun $1k speaker in a boxy room.

So - improve your room as much as you can within budget, buy the best monitoring you can, and then upgrade anything else when you can afford it. You can get going ITB and build from there.

A digital console is just a DAW in a different shape box. They have their uses - predominantly live, or in some studio situations - but not much use or point investing in one for mastering, even stem mastering.
Yeah, I think I'm on the same page here now. Best route would probably be to invest in some monitors like Genelec 8351s or (Harbeth 30.1s?) something else. I just wish there was a good motorized DAW controller like Berhinger Xtouch that played well with Ableton 10. Like the faders don't even line up at 0. If there was I would add that instead of an analog console, mix ITB, and maybe add a master bus processor down the line or something.