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Ok got it. Is there a need to use backing rod and caulk or will just one suffice?

Can you give me some more info on decouplers? At a store over here in Spain that deals with isolation and soundproofing they recommend using this tape in between the steel framing and floor/ceiling (see attachments, it is called "Banda estanca" in spanish). Is this what you mean?

Ok well now you got me there. Doesn't a split unit also ventilate? doesn't it remove old air and supply new? If not then will obviously reconsider.

Thanks Starlight. You're giving me good stuff. Appreciate it.
No va a jalar asi. Nothing can touch anywhere. The inner leaf and outter leaf cant touch anywhere. The inner leaf walls must support the inner leaf ceiling, which all must be supported by the floating floor or decoupled concrete slab. Minisplit cools the existing air, no fresh air is introduced. Sketchup took me a few days to learn. Its not too hard.