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Sketchup yes! How long do you think to learn the program?
Some people use 3d programs that take time to learn. I think what most people are asking for, is a very detailed explanation of what you want to do with your space, and then do a few 1d drawings that have exact measurements. Simply put, the more complete information you provide, the better advice you will receive. As someone once told me, "explain it to me where I could build it myself, without ever seeing it in person".

Do a complete material list of your existing structure. IE: Basement is ground level, partially underground, completely underground. Open space is 12 x 16 from interior wall to interior wall. Unfinished room has 3 ac registers with 0 returns for airflow. Basement has open 2 x 10 floor joyces or solid concrete. Neighbors are approx 30 yards on 3 sides, etc, etc.

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