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If you only leave a 1cm gap between the end of the drywall and the outside wall, fill the gap with backing rod and acoustic caulk, as Dan has advised.
Ok got it. Is there a need to use backing rod and caulk or will just one suffice?

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If the inner room needs support from the existing building then use decouplers.
Can you give me some more info on decouplers? At a store over here in Spain that deals with isolation and soundproofing they recommend using this tape in between the steel framing and floor/ceiling (see attachments, it is called "Banda estanca" in spanish). Is this what you mean?

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Jason wasn't talking about ventilation, not AC. A multi-split can provide the H and AC of HVAC but not the V. You need air to breathe; what are your plans for ventilation?
Ok well now you got me there. Doesn't a split unit also ventilate? doesn't it remove old air and supply new? If not then will obviously reconsider.

Thanks Starlight. You're giving me good stuff. Appreciate it.
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