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hey, by all means use whatever floats your boat! all I am saying is that if you actually give a **** about your music and career.. and are paying for a website, paying for any of these pro sm/streaming accounts, advertising etc., posting links and a/v players on forums and whatnot, expecting global access and to reach fans on all around the world, well.. youtube, sc, spotify etc.. are not the way to go. by only using those sites you are eliminating literally billions of people, potential fans, promoters, clients, customers etc. right from the jump. you arent getting what youre paying for. you are wasting your time and money. and all of that for what? another thing to consider, if you actually give a **** about your music and career, is many of those sites are playing major roles in the ongoing devaluation and destruction of the arts.. so theres that. add it all up plus the mandatory hoop jumping involved and now trying to dictate how we mix and master our songs too?! um.. no thank you very much.
I am not claiming for a second that Youtube (etc) are a perfect solution or a ticket to success.

But if you claim "they are not the way to go" it implies that you know of a better alternative. As I said, despite not being perfect, these sites very clearly have some benefits. So. . . what method do you think is better, at the exclusion of Youtube? Come on, spill the beans .