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Having to jump through the hoops for PayPal or your music not being able to be heard in some countries, is due to government restrictions, not companies. If you live in a country that has had sanctions placed against them, there is really nothing you can do. If you run a company that has the ability to transfer money using 3 mouse clicks, and it is discovered that people are using your services to move or laundry billions of dollars via illegal activities, then you will either remove your services to those countries or impose stricter use policies. The same goes for hosting companies concerning websites. Either that, or your service will be denied by other countries.

The bottom line is list your music where the pros do. They are there for a reason and most are free. Hit all the places you can for free and keep your information/posts/website fresh with new content. If you can not view a certain video or listen to a certain song in your country, it is because other countries have placed restrictions on your government. The fact remains that regardless of what quality of music you think these platforms are streaming your audio at, close to 60% of all music listened to or downloaded in 2017 was heard using a $12.00 pair of ear buds. That number is expected to climb very rapidly as improvements are made in the "Smart Phone" industry.

This link shows what the top audio service platforms will be streaming your audio at. The closer you can get to those numbers, the better your music will sound. This chart was made by Ian Shepherd and used with permission.

EDIT: I have added the following links to help explain my post as well as defend it from this member who made this post.

Why does PayPal restrict some countries?

Governing bodies often have regulations and financial sanctions in place that prohibit transactions with certain high-risk countries. In most cases, the processing bank will decline transactions that originate from these countries. In the rare instance that the processing bank authorizes the transaction, the funding bank will prevent it from settling, and Braintree will let you know.
Prohibited Countries - PayPal - Braintree - BigCommerce

Why are some countries blocked from viewing my YouTube Videos?

YouTube is one of the most restricted platforms online, where videos, channels, and sometimes the entire website are blocked from viewing. This is becoming a growing problem around the world for various reasons.
Unblock YouTube 2018 - Ultimate Resource Guide | Restore Privacy

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