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People in this thread may be overstating the problems. There are pretty clear benefits to many services which offset the fact that their streaming uses lossy audio.

* your music is much more discoverable on a site like Youtube. If you restrict it to a personal website and a download link you're simply not going to get hits unless your material is already known. There's nothing stopping you from using several platforms: Put a download link to your website, or a non-lossy file in your Youtube comments, for example. Or, stream it from one site, and sell the lossless download or physical copy from another. Absolutely no issues there. Indeed if you only distributed physical copies, as soon as your music becomes well-know, someone is going to upload it (probably to Youtube) anyway.

* many of the streaming services are migrating to loudness normalisation, which is something those of us who prefer more dynamic masters can now capitalise on, in the sense that we are no longer penalised for it when using these sites (all things being equal, our music will sound better compared with badly mastered music when streaming from the same site).

* not all streaming services are equal. Youtube does sound much better than soundcloud (plus, there's no need to squash the master - see above). Find the one that works best for you.