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It's PayPal's "security" that is the main issue. While security can be a good thing... they take it to a whole new ridiculous level.

Any (and each) time you try to access your account from any location or IP other than your usual device/IP you must go through a lengthy verification process -simple security Q&A is NOT an option (years ago it used to be, but not no mo). They require phone calls (to your registered in home country home number only!) and codes.. then a bunch of Q&A nonsense. Even then, I have still had issues logging in. Try calling customer service from overseas and see how that goes for ya. It's a ridiculously frustrating, expensive and time wasting nightmare. And using a PP card is a joke.. the fees are astronomical.

Like I said, this is EACH and EVERY time you try to access your account. PayPal is available in other countries but most people do not use it, they use similar types of local services instead. It's a dumb requirement by BC and a dumb "security" requirement by PP. I have no problem directly accessing my bank accounts overseas and no problem accessing my own .com's (though that took quite a bit of trial and error figuring out which hosting actually works and which are full of ****)...
Ugh. That sounds brutal. I'm all for security, but not at the complete expense of usability. I can sort of understand why Bandcamp has the PayPal requirement, but it seems like PayPal needs to revisit their security approach. I do wonder if accessing the PayPal account through a VPN that uses a server in one's home country would reduce some of the steps they require. I've definitely logged into PayPal on multiple devices, including my phone when I've been in other cities, and not had to take all the steps you described. But I also just have a personal account, not a PayPal Business account, so that might make it different.