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Originally Posted by Duke Murdock View Post
Try to think of your problem as being solved through a process over time rather than with a single silver bullet.

Actually now that I write this you should probably check out The Silver Bullet lol. It might go a long way to what you are looking for as a start but surrender to the process.
Was my 1st thought. Get some good outboard. Silver Bullet would be the 1st piece. As far as the neve sound look into vintech. A little cheaper than some clones but I love them. As far as monitoring, I use Dynaudio's now but have used and listened to many and Sonarworks has made a significant difference. So much so I have sold all but the Dynaudio's, avantones, and 2 older small pairs of krk's. Get your acoustics together as best you can and let Sonarworks do the rest. Then grab some outboard gear.