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I will definitely do something about the room treatment. In addition, I must ask, from a sealed monitor or a super high end monitor, is there any out there which are viable for semi-pro grade mastering around $800-1500 a piece?

And to nod to my op, getting an analog console and mixing with stems, or getting a high end digital console, will provide little to no Sonic advantages? Or would it be if anything, a worthwhile investment as a workflow and productivity/accuracy thing.

Currently I spend about max, 2k on a piece of gear.. and it takes me awhile to save. So I figured I could save for a whole year and perhaps get a console.
For mastering a pair of focal shape twins may do....But you can probably find a pair of ATC SCM25 used in the 5k range.

A good mastering hardware EQ, or bus compressor is also a good option. As for centerpiece,..its pointless