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Old 14th April 2018
Lives for gear

Bitwig is not free.

Haven't used but I would definitely check Ardour. In fact I will check it myself.

UPDATE: the "free" (demo) version of Ardour has some annoying BS where it goes silent off and on. Lame. Pass.

I like Audacity and it's fine for very simple stuff, but it isn't what I'd call a "serious" DAW.

Check Reaper and (my fav) Mixcraft. No, they aren't totally free, but have trial versions you can use and are cheap so when you're ready you can buy and meanwhile for short term at least have a "free" DAW for awhile. And Mixcraft actually you can still keep using but every so often it pops up some stupid "annoyware" thing that goes away after about 10 secs. FWIW