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You can find lots of information on the linux version and the current developement in the REAPER Pre-Release forum.

Then there's Ardour which is probably THE most popular Linux DAW. The Source Code is open and pre built packages can be obtained for a donation of any amount.

Harrison Mixbus is a commercial fork of Ardour with an analog console style mixer. Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter, they've been giving away their EQ and Expander/Gate for free several times over the past weeks.

Tracktion Waveform is also available on linux, as well as their plugins.

Regarding commercial plugins there's overtonedsp. Two of their EQs are available with ComputerMusic Magazine, however I don't know if the linux versions are included. Maybe drop him a line.

Last but not least all the u-he synths are available on linux, including the free Tyrell and the ComputerMusic version of Bazille.