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Old 13th April 2018
Good Free plugins and DAWs for Linux?

Does anyone have any recommendations for free/open source DAWs and plugins that work on Linux? I'm using Ubuntu because it's plug and play with a lot of hardware. If you have suggestions for Windows I may also consider them, but I'd rather use something that works on Ubuntu.

I already have Audacity installed and it already has free built in plugins, but I'm wondering if there's stuff that performs better than built in stuff in Audacity, or free plugins that perform better ir are just compatible with another open source of free DAW.

Software should be able to record and edit like Audacity, something that allows for digital creation of music with samples is a plus but really not what I'm after. By no means do I think Audacity is bad either and it actually works really well for me on Linux (on Windows it hated my interface).

Stuff doesn't have to open source necessarily, but I want something that is free and isn't just a trial or severely stripped down version of paid software and allows commercial use. If Audacity is the best option I'll stick to it. Something non destructive might be better though so I can toggle effects instead of having edit audio in one track and raw in other to compare.

Eventually I will buy paid DAWs and plugins if I need them, but until I make money recording I'd rather use free options.