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of course, that's what I am saying with the apollo.. it's the only way i can monitor through effects at reasonable latency, and there is no cpu hit...

If i were monitoring through pro tools itself, through core audio and native aax effects, it would be a nightmare at 64 buffer let alone impossible at 32, as i like to monitor a;; 32 live inputs at one time (70 with my 2 analog desks included).

128 is the only usable buffer for me and that is far too high for monitoring, hence, the apollo solution.
Are you using the Virtual Returns in the UAD Console for FX? The latency of using plugins like the UAD API 2500 on a channel strip in Pro Tools is nuts. I'm running my Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 (VEP6 Server) returns to the virtual channels, and using the auxiliary channels within the UAD console to run the reverbs: the EMT-140 and the Lexicon 224. It seems to be the only way to run a buffer of 128. FWIW, the three VEP6 instances are running on a second 6,2 Mac mini via ethernet. I suppose the Mini 6,2 is fine for audio, but it has a real hard time running Slate Drums or UVI Instruments, let alone the VSL stuff. Maybe I should've kept that 2013 Mac Pro.