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Ok so which is it? Does it sound and feel better (value judgment of a difference) than a tube amp or identical? It can't be both.

Again I only ever played a Pearce at lower levels where the dynamic differences are less apparent and like I said, at least at those levels, I liked the amp so please don't assume I am a hater. I honestly don't see the "disagreement" since i stated that anyone is perfectly justified in choosing one over any other amp for it's own characteristics that make it unique and different.
Sure it can. It responds and plays on the edge of distortion like a tube amp, but the tone is different from most (I can't say "all", simply because I haven't PLAYED all). The real trick to the Pearce is the semi-parametric midrange that comes before the distortion, while the bass and treble come after. This allows you to really shape the character of the distortion as well as the overall tone.

I heard Allan Holdsworth playing through one, and was enthralled by his tone. So I looked all over until I found one, and although I don't sound a @#$% bit like Holdsworth, I sounded like the best ME I'd heard (not to mention Holdsworth sounded like himself no matter which rig he was using). I've tried others afterwards (I'm always curious), but nothing has matched the singing tones and versatility of this amp yet.

I'm a little concerned about the age and lack of availability of this amp, in that it wouldn't be easy to replace. That's why I have a couple of them...