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Old 11th April 2018
Here for the gear

One of my Rokit 8's decided to make a very strange scream, before losing all the high frequencies altogether, last weekend. A quick search brought me here and made me want to fix this myself. As you'd expect, there's the black goo all over the board.

I've managed to scrape away most of the goo and noticed that the same resistor, that M. Retra had changed, was looking a bit burnt and corroded. The capacitors looked fine but I thought it best to replace them anyway.

After replacing the resistor and capacitors, I then went about putting the thing back together. Unfortunately, I still didn't have any high frequencies.

Next I took out the amp from my working monitor and tried it with the broken one and still no high frequencies. So, I now know that I need a replacement tweeter.

As I had already taken out the working amp, I thought it best to get the goo off that one too.

Here's my problem though, one of the resistors next to the HF- cable was that badly corroded that it didn't take much pressure for me to remove it from the board. I've worked out that it's a 10k ohm resistor but I'm not sure on the wattage. Can someone, with some knowledge, please help? It's the resistor that's labelled RL105 on the board.