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The Valkyrie looks like a cool new VA Synth

MATRIXSYNTH: New Exodus Digital Valkyrie Desktop Hardware Synthesizer Coming to the Musikmesse

We need more of this, and a new Virus Ti3 would be super cool if it ever happens.
The developer, Manuel Caballero, gave a nice interview to a German magazine some minutes ago. So, he told us,

1) OSC and Filter are hardware implemented (via FPGA, Xilinx Zynq 7020, wich is a big FPGA with dual integrated hard ARM A9 cores. 85,000 gates.)

2) Compared to a design with SHARC processors this implementation is much more powerful

3) "Valkyrie’s sound generation and filters really are hardware, they’re not software. Only the control and effects are software. No DSP would get anywhere close – I looked at them all"

4) "They filters are entirely digital but they’re digital hardware, not software running on a DSP chip."

5) Valkyrie has 4096 wavetables within 72 groups of up to 128 waves, including a FM set with complex waves

6) It is possible to do FM, ringmod and hard sync between the two wavetables

7) The wavetables are 32x oversampled (1.5MHz!) - they can be "pushed really hard without any risk of aliasing".

8) Manuel plans "mainstream pricing"