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I would be willing to do something like that but.... wouldn't that be called "mixing"?

32 tracks summed to 2 is, by definition, in my eyes anyway, a mix not a master.

I could sum the tracks down to stems if you wanted, but that would also sort of be a mix.

If you were looking for someone to just run 32 tracks through a bunch of hardware I could do that as well, but if it's a 4 min song that is going to take a little over 2 hours of time to just make the pass through analog plus set up time.

My rate is $75 an hour and $400 to do the mix so I don't think that is going to fit into your 10 to 30 Euro budget.

Just letting you know about the work effort needed for what you are asking (unless I don't understand what you are asking).

Hello Michael,

I already found someone, but I think you are confused. I am just looking for someone to pump out single stems through a 16-23 output interface, that are then summed by a 16 or 32 channel summing unit to 2 tracks and then saved to a .wav again via a A/D Unit, without doing any actual mixing (changing volume relations, eq etc). So a 2 min song would take 2 minutes to capture and probably max. 10 minutes to set up.