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It’s an 8-part multi-timbral multi-core digital hardware synthesizer which in our current climate of modular and analogue is not something you see every day. They’ve decided that DSP is a bit passe and have designed and built their own hardware and operating system.

Exodus says that Valkyrie will always deliver 128 voices of polyphony. The sounds are sourced from 2 groups of 5 oscillators per voice giving a total of 1280 actual oscillators. There are two PCM wavetables with 4,096 waves ready to go all with hard sync, ring modulation and FM. On the sound processing side there are dual analogue modelled ladder filters, a modulation matrix, three envelope generators, three stereo LFO’s with 64 (!) shapes an arpeggiator and a “killer stereo hypersaw”.

It has 8 parts in terms of synthesis but an extra 9th part is dedicated to effects. Valkyrie has a shed-load including limiters, EQ, formant filter, distortion, delay, 6-stage phaser and a reverb. And it’s all in 96kHz.

Coming out the back are 4 balanced stereo 32bit 96kHz outputs. Over USB it can route all 8 parts in stereo at 48kHz or 96kHz and comes with low latency ASIO drivers and fully implemented MIDI.