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Heard about this, was interested, so downloaded the demo. After installing I find I have to register with their little site just to try the demo out, which is reetahrded right out of the gate. But even after I do that, when I try to activate, it doesn't recognize my account. Yes, I'm sure I typed my info correctly etc etc but it really doesn't matter, all that BS should be totally unnecessary. I should be able to download a demo/trial which installs all by itself, no stupid web site registration BS, to try it. Too bad it looked interesting...
I had the same experience back in December. It was a mess, so I uninstalled their demo software which came bundled with a MIDI keyboard controller I had just bought.

Furthermore, though, I don't "get" Bitwig. The software seems to get great reviews by people, but I have watched their own demo videos on their site, and look over their web pages, and to be 100% honest, the software looks like digital vomit.

It's supposed to be a DAW??? Not in my view. (I come from Cakewalk Sonar experience).

Then their upgraded versions have a bunch of new features for electronic music making people, that I could not make sense out of.

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