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Yes, I did get one. It's a very nice sounding filter but it just became too much work to try to do 4 voice poly patches with the quad filter, quad VCA and two quad EGs! I decided to try to go to ZERO filters in my main eurorack case (nothing massive, just a briefcase) so I pulled the Tone out (mine is listed on Muff's FYI ) and the Quadra EG. I almost managed to have no filters at all, but in the end I squeezed a Happy Nerding MMM multi mode VCF in the case because I thought I'd be sorry at some point without one.

As much as I'd like you or someone else to buy my Tone, I recommend trying to go without filtering first when using complex VCOs like the E370, E352, Mutable Plaits, etc because with enough modulation sources you can get plenty of timbre variety/dynamics with no filter at all. My main eurorack case has 4 E330 VCOs plus a E950 with lots of sequencing, clocking and effects processing modules.

Now if you only have one system, I'd say you may want to have several filters. I just did a quick count and I have at least 20 5U filters, and three of them are dual so, I can get my filter fun using my 5U systems and my two eurorack systems only have one VCF each. I didn't see the point of reproducing similar capabilities in each system so I've tried to make them somewhat different.
Thanks for the wonderful breakdown, John! I will be interested in using the E370 as a four voice, that not strictly in that configuration all the time; I already have quad VCA and 4x ADSRs (all L-1) so interested in your view that it's a bit of hardwork, but I won't be doing anything live, just taking my time setting things up and tweaking. I'd like to try this to see how I like it anyway. I had a feeling I might not necessarily need a filter given the tonal options available in wavetables, and you've confirmed that. I like your price on it though - but I'm in Australia and at the moment you're looking at USA shipping only. Were you happy with the sound of the Tone?