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@ ImJohn

aha good to know. indeed nowadays new eurorack filters are usually good at one of the extremes, either smooth/round or edgy. i find the designs that can sound sweet at both ends of spectrum, like on some vintage machines, are quite rare. 440 is a good example of this, also am synth stuff behaves that way. and some diy like moogah sem clone etc.

on the upside, a smoother filter might impose less of its own character on the source which can be a good thing for wavetable/tzfm module. yet it may fail to accentuate some sweet harmonics in more interesting wavetables that an edgier filter can. in general, i had varying luck filtering wavetable modules. it was always per case basis. what i mean is, not a simple task like filtering a dual roland vco with chewy pwm bursting with harmonics.

would you say Tone is a good choice for polyphonic applications? that was my primary intent for it. i have other filters for edgier stuff.
Did you get the Tone? I'm waiting on the E370 and thinking the Tone would be a good match, having trouble finding much in the way of reviews for it.