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One hink I've run across: the BandLab app autoruns on Win startup (at least in 7) and it can take several minutes to load and stabilize.

In contravention to established practice, there is NO option to NOT allow it to start automatically on its menus that I've found. Nor does it appear on the Startup Tab of the Win System Configuration dialog! (There is a QUIT option but it auto-loads when you restart.)

HOWEVER, I did notice an unfamiliar call to GitHub (the online file repository where I guess the BL script code lives) -- apparently an update check -- and by unchecking that on the Startup Tab page in the Win config dialog, I was able to keep BL from loading up and sitting there 'uselessly.' The call is NOT labeled in any way I could see with the BandLab name.

Uninstall the bandlab.exe and it's no longer anywhere if you check programs/features.

If you turn off all analytics in CW (there are a couple of places), there are no calls out for updates etc.

Now if the idea is that you want bandlab (not just CW).... well......