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Thanks for posting the privacy/licensing options. They look pretty flexible. Of course, it's obviously not possible to retain full sole rights in a creative collaboration. It does seem like there is a sort of 'missing tier' there, though. It might be nice to be able to limit creative control not just to a sole artist as can be done but to allow collaboration only within a fixed set of people -- and I'm not sure that's an option as I read the above TOS section. Still, it looks like they've put some thought into adopting Open Source licensing concepts to the task of online collaboration.

You want full control of safety? Don't leave $100 bill sitting on a table at Denny's on Sunset in Hollywood.

And don't upload art you're working on.....anywhere.

The bandcamp terms of service are very clear. They say, "if you want full protection and peace of mind, don't upload anything at all in any way, shape or form to our servers".