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The DME 64 costs approx. the double of a MMP1 or Intonato. More so if you add MADI cards. The "cost effective" version is the DME24 (I have those in 2 studios), which can indeed handle all speaker calibration needs but is not user friendly, even with the remote (in my opinion).
i agree on all - except maybe that the icp1 allows for quite a lot of control; 6 buttons on 4 layers and a knob/wheel isn't that bad...

you are right on prices: it's just since installations got rid of their dme's that the prices dropped massively and the units became much more affordable (dme24n can be found for around 500.--)

i'm using the said dme64n in my studio (or in the main drive rack on large festivals) and a dme24n with a lake card in my smaller room (and again live with smaller systems).

one feature that i especially like in the dme processors is the graphic representation of the speaker processors/crossovers with separate displays of both frequency and phase!

enough on dme - waiting to see/try this new controller!

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