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for those on a budget, you might have a look at the yamaha dme64n with the icp1 remote: it was NOT designed as a speaker conroller, but as a freely programmable routing/matrix/switcher with tons of dsp. runs at max 96khz, has four 16 channel slots, so you can do 64i/o in bank of 16 channels in almost any format. i use mine with 16 madi i/o, 16 dante i/o and with 2 lake cards (16 aes i/o) to drive 14 outputs, all with x-over, eq, delay etc. wasn't cheap either at the time, but can be found for ridiculous prices nowadays.
The DME 64 costs approx. the double of a MMP1 or Intonato. More so if you add MADI cards. The "cost effective" version is the DME24 (I have those in 2 studios), which can indeed handle all speaker calibration needs but is not user friendly, even with the remote (in my opinion).