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Old 3rd April 2018
Arrow Warm Audio WA73-EQ vs Heritage Elite HA73EQ

A fellow gearslut and myself got to do a quick shootout between these two budget Neve preamp clones last weekend. Tom from Tidepool Audio in Portland was kind enough to lend us the two units from his stock. First we recorded electric guitar. I had him arrange his song to include both clean and dirty tones. I carefully positioned two SM57's centered on the cone on his amp and ran each one into its respective pre and then straight into ProTools 12 via an AVID HD I/O. Then we overdubbed vocals. For this I selected the Neumann SM69FET microphone. I had both capsules facing forward and set to cardioid pattern. I positioned the mic so he was aiming at the middle between the two capsules. For the bass tracks, I simply had no way to record a pass through both preamps simultaneously, so they are in fact different performances. But you will still clearly hear the big difference between the two units.

All audio was recorded in 48/24 and not processed in any way. I matched levels as best I could on the way down. The EQ was not engaged for any of these tracks. For the guitars and vocals, I pushed the gain until I heard not nice breakup and then backed the gain down one step, and used the attenuator to leave ample headroom for the convertor and to match the levels of each unit. The gain setting was the same numerical amount for both the guitar and vocal tracks. For the bass DI, the Warm needed a good bit more gain (10 or 15db if I recall) to get the same level as the Heritage.

Here you can download the 48/24bit WAV files HERE into your DAW to listen. I have already posted my conclusions in another thread and I won't repost them in here. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.
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