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I just got hold of a Copperhead and own the Mojave MA 200. Of course, had to share shootout files!
Same performances, both mics going into Avedis MA5 pres at 35db and then through a Studio Electronics C2S compressor with bypass processing.

Copperhead on acoustic guitar

Mojave on acoustic guitar

Copperhead on vocal

Mojave on vocal

Copperhead on home speaker

Mojave on home speaker
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Telefunken CU-29 Copperhead vs. Mojave MA-200/MA-300-0e3e76a4-e77f-40f7-af6d-6a64395d245d.jpg   Telefunken CU-29 Copperhead vs. Mojave MA-200/MA-300-dff3190c-45ae-425c-a2b6-995e3c1b994c.jpg