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I realize it’s bad coding. I used PC’s for all my home studio Daws from 96 till about 2013. Did all the optimizations and whatnot. Used Macs in the commercial studio from 20001 to 2013. PT always seemed to run best on a Mac. In the past a Digidesign coder told me in confidence that the pc version was never coded as well as the Mac version. I’m pretty much platform agnostic. We use PCs at our current facility because I interface with a bunch of Avid Composers all on PC, including a video satellite. I couldn’t believe how much my Mac mini was kicking the 16 core HP, but this little bat file fixed it. It did act weird at 32, errors and stops. But 64 is working like a charm. I get better cpu level at 64 than 1024. Thank you!

Originally Posted by athlon64 View Post
It's simply bad coding. It's not about windows.
I have sucesfully gotten my lenovo P50 to be a transparent tool while i'm mixing.
It's running smooth, not creating problems. All i'm thinking about is the music.
Considering i'm very used to windows and considering all the apple limitations and rules... i would never switch to a mac.

I call this personal preference. But it does seem to me that people sacrifice their wallets and luxuries like flexibility, repairability and upgradeability just to get a plug and play machine so they go mac.

Which i still don't consider the best option. You should invest time in learning and optimizing your hardware if you want to end up with the most comfortable working setup.

Otherwise, you will be stuck with many disadvanteges of the platform you are working on. Without being aware of it.