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Gear list signature in Thunderbird email for beta testing?

* as a side note, I've used Hotmail since the late 90's for my main email. They've gotten real intrusive over time to where Skype is turned on and no way to turn it off. But it's easy to access Hotmail using Thunderbird instead of a browser, setup is simply enter email and password and none of those problems again! Nicer interface, lots of easy options. So I also added a GMail account.

More background, this week I hope to finish two workhorse computers that I've upgraded for quite a while. All my best stuff is on there and the Pace-protected apps etc.

I also beta test for three developers and would like a signature at the bottom of each email that lists my 5 rigs from ThinClient to the workhorses. This would streamline things quicker for me to specify "Rig 1 has this problem" and dev can look below what that is. But I'd like the signatures only to the Developers in my address book and not everyone.
This Life Hacks forum seems the best place to ask, and maybe if others could be helped - or even helpful Thunderbird addons or hacks for audio/music people, I'm all ears