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This thread is funny... if you want a real sound from an orchestra, you don't play with cardio but really work with omni.
I'm not a big fan of the MK4 but seriously, in a studio work, I never saw a main pair with MK4 over an orchestra...
It's just a spot microphone capsule. You like it or not, that's your feeling..
By my side I don't use Schoeps. It's a matter of feeling, again. Neumann is, to my ears, much better.

And that's also, as a producer, a part of my sound.
and I still work, without schoeps, and I feel happy, and I have lots of clients who don't wonder if I work Schoeps, Neumann or DPA...

But talking MK4 as a main... for a symphonic orchestra sounds with post work (because you wrote you add the room etc)...: not serious to me.

Salutations, Fred.