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I do not know why you would go on an attack. You can disagree, but I am not “selling” anything (therefore there is nothing to buy). I have my experience of 25 years, my music degree on the wall and my samples. The Nagra is a warm preamp, the Schoeps on large ensembles is muddy. I would like an apology and more so just rather you leave me alone and go kick a cat or something if you need to attack something. You can’t argue with my experience and to put me down for it and posture me as if I am leading a revolution is really dumb.
To turn the discussion back to your initial post, I think you should investigate the modifications Rens Heijnis does to Schoeps, DPA and other mikes. Yes it's a pain to spend so much money on the CMC preamps just to spend more to have them gutted and replaced with his modification. But if you look around this forum, I think you'll find many people find his work worth the price.

Regarding your take on the warmth of the Nagra's preamp: this is quite heterodox and really interesting. What are some of the preamps that you find less warm?

If you're on the hunt for something cleaner, you may want to look into Rens's preamps. I've compared his work to the Nagra Seven, and while I wouldn't call the Seven "warm" in comparison, Rens's amps shine in their effortless capacity to handle complex timbre and dynamics.

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