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HD800, but more for generic listening.
With regards to corrections, I've found, that Sonarworks or similar FIR based tools never really worked for me. I usually ended with measurement of provided correction and its curve approximation and tuning at some standard clean minimum phase EQ (like ReaEQ or Toneboosters EQ), which I had at HP monitoring path. Usually with much gentler curves, because I felt, sometimes cure can be worse than disease, as I perceived the filtering and resonances more than the compensation.
Although, I've never used Sonarworks wit custom calibration for particular headphones, which they can offer as a service IIRC.. that can maybe change its outcome.

Then I've got Morphit, which I like very much.. First I disabled built-in limiter and give it 6dB of headroom by lowering output level to avoid any dynamic changes.
Morph amount knob, works similarly as I used those standalone EQs, it doesn't do just scaling of band gains at the curve, but it also progressively makes the curve smoother.. which sounds right to me. And there's also 4 band EQ for customization of target response, which is also handy sometimes to make some final tweaks.