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I love my HD600s as well (with the 650 cable). I just spent a day in manhattan trying HD600s, 650s, 800s and every headphone Audeze makes. I liked the 600s, Audeze LCD-X and LCD-4 and LCD-i4 the best. Didn't jive with the 650s as much and I didn't relate to the bass of the 800s immediately (tried everything with and without sonarworks).

Audeze has an eq correction plugin called Reveal, which I think is better tonally than Sonarworks. It almost sounds like an FIR impulse or something, it doesn't sound eq-ed or smeary at all. Very nice. I am thinking about picking up the LCD-i4 for traveling. Without Reveal they are spectrally wonky but with it they are very good.

LCD-4 are just TOO heavy. Nice tone but too heavy. I found the LCD-X to be very balanced and not so heavy.

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