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For 5 grand you can't get the RND Centerpiece, although you could get the Satellite. Still, without good outboard you aren't taking full advantage of it. My advice would be to start collecting good outboard to send your signals in and out of the box.

An RND Shelford or Portico etc. would make a difference, even if you are mostly doing synths. You can route them into or send softsynths in and out. If you want stereo, there are plenty of cheaper units out there - a Warm WA73 stereo unit (pre and EQ) and a RND stereo comp (or one of Drawmer's, etc.) could leave money for an 1176 or La-2a clone(s), which can make a world of difference on bass and vocal etc texture. Or use that leftover money on a simple line mixer like the Dangerous or upgrade the Focusrite. But having a good input channel (or stereo) provides the most bang-for-buck, in my experience. Gives some tranformered heft to your signals to be mixed.
I'm fine with going over budget for the 5060 if it's truly worth it. As far as outboard I was considering the portico Master Bus Processor