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I wouldn t spend my money on a digital console, it has no real sonic benefits compare with itb.
The centerpiece is above the buget, plus you would also need a converter.
My opinion is that the best thing you could do is upgrade your monitors/ room acoustics. I know this from experience, by far the best investment i made were some better monitors. I d rather mix on hi end monitors with stock plugins then on budget monitors with all the plugins and hardware i want. If you don t hear exactly what you are doing, all you do is guess work.
Also, if you decide on buying other monitors, you should consider upragind your interface too.
Interesting thought. I use JBL LSR308 rn, what would you switch to some good Adams or something? What interface? I would probably do this and then down the road get an analog console with outboard master buss compressor? Not sure if it helps me out.